Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Great EFT Resource: Anne I. Merkel, Ph.D. - The Corporate Alchemist

Anne I. Merkel, Ph.D. - The Corporate Alchemist

If you know me, you know that I love to rave about how wonderful I think meridian tapping techniques (MTT) such as the emotional freedom technique (EFT) are. My experience has been that the MTTs work when nothing else has and they bring about changes that are permanent. How can you beat that!?!?
Today I had a private session with Anne I. Merkel, Ph.D. - The Corporate Alchemist of The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services. I found Anne to be a fun, energetic, compassionate, insightful, and sensitive person. I am always looking to learn more to enhance my knowledge of how to best use EFT, so let me share with you what I learned:

It’s quite common to have an energy charge around failure and the fear of failure. There are lots of ways you can word your tapping phrases (what you say aloud when you tap) around this issue.

Anne also shared a great intention with me before we tapped: My intention is to focus on the highest priority of what to clear now. I love this and setting an intention like this will make it very easy for you to intuitively know what are YOUR highest priorities.
The under the nose point is potent for inputting new beliefs into the subconscious mind.

Quite often we are a magnet to people with whom we have the same energy dynamic we have with our parents. With meridian tapping, we can clear the strong charge on this energy dynamic. This generates a change in the behaviors. And that ultimately results in the outer results we are magnetizing to us changing significantly. Yay for that! Who reading this blog is ready for that?!?!

Specifically, Anne and I looked at the scenario of parents being critical of their child’s career choices. Can anyone reading this blog relate to this? Anne led me through a round of tapping on this. She also told me a great story of how Wayne Dyer’s mom, while in her 80s or 90s was still harping on him to get a “real” job, even after all the success and prosperity he has created! How funny!!!

I also learned from listening to Anne lead me through a tap round that you don’t have to say the exact same phrase at each tap point (although you can if you want to). You can use your intuition to say whatever flows next as you tap through the points.

To do some significant clearing:

Think of the analogy of a forest. Go for the big trees (i.e., the big issues) first.

If you have a feeling, identify it, and go back to the earliest situation where you felt that and do the tapping on that situation. That approach will generate the most significant amount of clearing.

Clear issues from your ancestors. Add on the words “and any earlier occurrences” to the end of your tap phrases.

If you have a physical issue and you don’t know the emotional cause, use the words “the emotional issue behind this back pain” as your tap phrase.

Wow, I learned a lot and I cleared a lot with the tapping!

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